Emergency! Pray for my mother.

Hello Everybody,

This is Mike, from Cradle Catholic. Today doctors discovered that my Mom has a tumor. We won’t find out if it is malignant (cancerous) or not until tomorrow or the next day. Please pray for her health. I love her so much.

Thank you. 

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  1. Katholicus


    Absolutely. Rosary is coming. Trust the Lord beyond what we see and feel.

    St. Monica, Patroness of Mothers, pray for us

    St. Peregrine, Patron of Cancer victims, pray for us. 

  2. Dave

    Mike – I’m so sorry to hear about your mother….I will pray the rosary for her every day.  I also teach about 300 kids every 2 days and we start our classes off with a Hail Mary followed by an intercession to the saints.  I’ll get them to pray for you, your mother and your family every day….with special intercessory prayer to St. Peregrine, St. Joseph (patron saint of the family), and to Our Lady as well.  Please let me know if you need to talk on the phone….you can send your number to my personal hotmail account.    Don’t give up…..prayers are coming!!!!


    Yours In Christ!!



  3. Profile photo of Cradle Catholic Post
    Cradle Catholic

    Thank you so much for the prayers! I’m happy to say that the results came back, and my mom is CANCER FREE! The tumor she has is not malignant and can be easily removed! Thank you DAVE and Katholicus! Thank you LORD! God is GOOD!

    1. Dave

      Thank you Lord for not letting our friend carry this burden; thanks also for the good health of his mother.  Thanks to St. Peregrine for his intercessional prayers.   I will continue to pray for your family and ask others to pray for my intentions as well.



      Yours In Christ!!!



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