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As most of you know, Theandric has released a new album entitled “The Door of Faith.” Theandric’s metal music is normally well arranged and tips it’s hat to bands like Iron Maiden and other classic metal bands. This album is a departure from metal side of Theandric. This album is acoustic. Yes…acoustic. Maybe I’m revealing my age with this next statement, but when I hear a metal or rock band going acoustic it makes me think of the “unplugged” concerts that MTV had in the 90s. The first couple were different (by the way, check out the Cure “unplugged” – it was one of the best and weirdest with kazoos and everything) – but after a while, the whole “unplugged” genre became a trend in which if you were unlucky enough to have to listen to the whole thing – you were gnashing your teeth in audio pain. The “unplugged” thing became a cliche that “over-the-hill” bands did to try to re-invent themselves or re-establish a newer, younger fan base.

All of my ruminations about the whole “unplugged” era dissipated like mist when I heard Theandric’s “The Door of Faith.” This album is far from a cliche; this album reveals a lot of soul and it taps into a universal, reflective consciousness that many Catholics have – the whole concept of the development of faith is revealed throughout this album in an intimate way that could have only been done through using an acoustic guitar. I know that Paul Tiseo is an amazing musician and could have developed and arranged these songs in a more metal mode, but there is something to this album that touches your heart in a way that only the vulnerability and simplicity of an acoustic guitar can offer.

Luckily after listening to this collection of songs, I was able to interview Paul about the album’s origin and some key questions about the whole project. Parts of the interview will be used throughout this review so that it can provide more insight.

I’m sure that everyone has heard “Via Crucis” by now. If you haven’t – check out Theandric’s contribution on the last track (the 14th station). This is a simple acoustic track and in a way it was an early indication of the acoustic side of Theandric’s music. Paul revealed that Pope Benedict’s declaration of the “Year of Faith” and his experiences as a new father were driving forces of inspiration for this project;

And when I asked the real question – as in “Why did you make this an acoustic album?” – Paul related it to his contribution to “Via Crucis;”

Now when you are recording a full “metal” album – there are certain considerations that need to be made. Everything from the type of drum kit, to the way you mic the drum kit, to whether you are micing a bass cabinet, going direct or both – not to mention what guitar/pickup/amp combination and a whole plethora of other concerns. But on an acoustic album the approach is obviously quite different;

Of all the songs in this collection there is a song that has a special message;

“The Door of Faith” is not just a collection of songs, but a statement of faith.

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