Praising Him Loudly: Volume 3




The CatholicMetal community is pleased to present our third compilation recording – Praising Him Loudly: Volume 3.  Our community was formed in September 2010 and this is our fourth official release. We are happy to present 16 songs from some of the best bands in our community.   Many different genres of metal are included in this compilation: from industrial metal (Cradle Catholic, Bona Mors, Divine Blood) to classical metal (Katholicus, Craig Moran) to hardcore (Malign Expulsion) and to other important genres (Seven Sorrows, So Shall It Be and One God One Faith).  If listeners were impressed by the initial offering of Praising Him Loudly: Volume 1 and 2 then Volume 3  should meet expectations in terms of offering the latest material from these bands which should ensure more to come in the near future!  The album was mastered by Dave Flitton of Writ In Water Sound Creations in conjunction with  The artwork by Frank J.E. Flitton.

The official release date for this album is February 1, 2014 and will be available as a digital download for a donation.

Track Listing

  1. Fly Spirit Fly – Katholicus
  2. Seven Sorrows – Obedient
  3. Cradle Catholic – The Last Gospel
  4. One God One Faith – Psalm 3
  5. Divine Blood – Your Love
  6. Craig Moran – Mass Mystery
  7. Theandric – The Metal Door of Faith
  8. Bona Mors – Bona Mors
  9. Effa Tha – The Fly
  10. Malign Expulsion – Makes God Cry
  11. So Shall It Be – Death of Death
  12. Seven Sorrows – Born To die
  13. Katholicus – Holy Is the Lord
  14. Craig Moran – Ministry of Deceit
  15. Malign Expulsion – Twisted World
  16. So Shall It Be – Hail Mary
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