What's your favorite axe?

I’ve always been interested in guitars and guitarists. I loved when I would pick up a Guitar World magazine and James Hetfield would be telling the reader why he LOVES his no-name Korean Flying V knock-off. It wasn’t the price tag that mattered. It was HIS guitar. I’ve had guitars like that. What’s YOURS. I don’t care if it’s a shoe box with rubber bands on it. What’s YOUR axe? Why?


I gotta say that mine is actually a NEWER guitar. It was love at first riff. That guitar is my Fender Tele Blacktop. I don’t care who else likes it. It turns ME on. It plays itself. It is the microphone through which my testimony SCREAMS!


How ’bout you?

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  1. Dave

    My fav guitar was my first one…a Peavey T-15 – it was a half size guitar and it was gutty-sounding enought for punk rock…it had 2 soap bar pickups and it would howl!!!  The pickups had a strip of metal going across the top and you could bounce your strings of them…put a little delay at 150mms at 75% feedback and I had a “swarm of bees” sound!!  It was my signature sound for quite a while.


    Currently, I have 3 favs,  – my epiphone es 355 (hollowbody feedback!!!), my gibson gothic sg (never ever goes out of tune when I play live) and I also have a custom Eastwood guitar – it has the Rocket bass body..but I got if modified as a 6 string electric……it sounds as sick as it looks!! I’ll put pictures up tomorrow….have to charge my camera first.


    The one guitar that is my ultimate “baby” was my first little acoustic….a small Kay guitar….it still has the spots on the fret board where my fingers got cut open an bled…..I didn’t know to stop…thought I’d toughen it out!! LOL  It’s in the corner of the studio and i still play it every once in a while….I’ve written some of my best songs on it as well!!!


    Thanks for the forum question!!!


    Yours in Christ,



  2. Antidemon-Scourgeblade777

    My favorite is the Dave Mustaine VMNTX Dean flying V. It got 24 frets, is Mustaine’s model, V-shaped, silver, and has a Big 4 thrash tone. If u add distortion to it, it can be good for Death Metal stuff and Death/Thrash stuff. It’s my first guitar, and might be my only one, unless Dean guitars makes a 24 fret flying v with good color and a Whammy Bar, which is that only real thing missing from my guitar.

  3. Charles von Hapsburg

    I’m a dyed in the wool Fender Stratocaster guy.  I’ve built mine, though.  I’m still working on finishing my single hum American Strat (2007 VG Strat body, gutted of the modeling circuitry, 1998 Neck, Seymour Duncan Dimebucker, and a 250k pot to make it muddier).  It’s not finished, though.  Of the three that I play the most:  My Fender What’sercaster (2008 Starcaster by Fender body, 1969 Mustang neck, Jackson J-90C in the bridge, Jackson J-200s in the middle and neck, 250k wiring harness and a seven way switch) is my favorite.  The link to that guitar is here…


    I will record with this one.

    I also have a MIM Strat (1999 Body, 1998 Neck, Jackson J-50 in the bridge, Jackson J-100 in the middle, Mysterious No-Name Hum on the neck, 250k wiring harness and seven way switch) that is similar to Dave Murray’s from Iron Maiden, with the exception of the gold tuners and bridge, and the black jackplate.  I like the black jackplate and have one on the Whats’ercaster too.  I went with the gold bridge because I bought the neck from some guy in Johnstown, Colorado when I lived in Wyoming and it had the gold tuners already on it.  Since I didn’t want to complicate things further, I bought a gold bridge instead of buying a black one and then black tuners.  I also have a 1989 Korean-made Squier HM series that is totally stock which I didn’t build, but bought for $40 and some junk I didn’t want from a shop in Norristown, PA.  Arguably, it rivals my MIM Strat.

    I have a total of 14 guitars, including a brand new off brand Music Man copy bass which feels and sounds great, but my favorites are always my Fenders.  :)

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