Submission Form for “Praising Him Loudly: Volume 3″…hot off the press!!


Yes, it is a week ahead of schedule, but we have the submission form ready for PHL3!! We had some trouble with the digital submission form for PHL2 – and since we do not want to trouble-shoot this problem, this time out – we are asking all bands/musicians to fill out the submission form below and then copy it and email it to me at – this might be a little “old school” but it will cut out the time it takes to redo things and to code or re-code the submission form. This is a simple but effective solution.

Please remember the following about your music submissions:
1) Please submit a .wav file that is unmastered. Any other form (e.g. mp3, aiff, .flac, .ogg, etc.) will not be accepted. The .wav file must also not be mastered. This is a compilation and all the songs need to be mastered together to make the collection sound professional.
2) When you are submitting your song, please do not send the song in email form but please provide a link to an online storage source (e.g. mediafire, etc.) so that we can download the .wav file.
You can use any online storage, as long as we can have access to the file and we can download it.
3) Along with the submission form, please provide a copy of the lyrics of both of your songs. Please also make sure that there is a relevant copyright statement at the bottom of the lyric sheets.
4) Any song with swearing or vulgar language will not be considered. We will not ask that the song be edited, it will simply not be considered usable. We are Metal, but we are Catholic!

Some last minute details:
– if anyone has recorded their songs at 48 kHz or 98 kHz or have used a bit rate of 32 bit or higher – please keep in mind that the collection will be mastered at 44.1kHz at 24 Bit(s) – which is the current industry standard. If this statement is making you scratch your head and want to look stuff up on Google…you’re probably okay.
– please email me at if you have any questions at all…there are no dumb questions! And if you are new to recording, there are no dumb recording questions!
– if a recording is not up to the quality that we have had in the past, please don’t stress out if the mix needs to be “fixed” or “tweaked.” This has happened in the past and we as a community have worked together to make “our” recordings the best they can be.

The deadline for submission is 12:01 a.m., Sunday, December 1, 2013!

If you are having troubles with anything from the wording of the submission form (please note that you keep your intellectual property – you are just giving our community your permission to use your music in this collection and in anything that has to do with the collection {e.g. marketing, etc.}). Or if you are having trouble wording a copyright statement properly, please let me know and we’ll figure it out together. There has been a post about this…if you dig through the posts you should find it in no time. If there is a problem with the copyright statement, I will also email you back and we’ll tackle it right away.

Here is the submission form:


Again, if you have any questions/comments/concerns at all – please email me at – I will get back to you asap!!

Yours In Christ!



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