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Hi everyone! I hope that everyone is busy getting their music ready for “Praising Him Loudly: Volume 4!” I have had a lot of emails over the past three weeks and although I have responded to them individually, I’d like to address some of them in this short post.

1) What format should the song be in?

This question was answered in an earlier post, but we need to have a final mix of the song that is unmastered and in .wav format. We can’t take mp3 files or any other type of file – ONLY wav files. Mp3 files have a lot of compression on them and it will negatively effect the song when the whole compilation is mastered. So please, no mp3 or any other formats – ONLY wav files.

2) How should I send you the wav file of the final unmastered mix?

There are many different ways that the file could be sent. There are many free services like mediafire, yousendit and other online services.

3) Why does the wav file have to be unmastered?

The reason why we want an unmastered file is because if all the songs sent in are mastered at different levels, the compilation will not sound very professional. Imagine having an album where you have to either turn the volume up or down for every song? This is why we want unmastered final mixes – all the songs submitted will be mastered as part of a compilation – the sound and levels should sound awesome as a result of our mastering process. Keep in mind that mastering can cost a lot of money, but the submitted songs are mastered at no cost to the bands or musicians.

Writ In Water Records is providing this service for free in order to contribute to the CatholicMetal community.

Just a last reminder – each band/musician can only submit a total of 2 songs. We also stress that the songs should contain lyrical content that is in sync with the teaching of our Holy Roman Catholic Church. If any lyric content does not comply with this – it will not be on the compilation. In the past we have rejected two or three songs due to lyrical content (e.g. swearing, odd phrasing or innuendo, etc.). We will not spend any time or resources editing songs that have questionable lyrics.

If you have any questions, or require any assistance please email me (dave@catholicmetal.com) and I will get back to you as quickly as possible. The deadline for submissions is Dec.1, 2014 and the compilations tentative release date is February 1, 2015. Of course you can submit your songs at any time, the submission form is below. We are trying a new interactive form – let us know what you think.

Download the interactive PDF form here.

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