Latin Prayer + Metal = CRADLE CATHOLIC

Greetings metalheads!!! This is Mike from Cradle Catholic. I just wanted to get the OFFICIAL Cradle Catholic thread up and running here at There is just no stopping Dave Flitton’s vision of a community where like-minded musicians and Catholics can gather and share the testimony of our Lord, Jesus Christ!


Cradle Catholic has a pretty busy year lined up. 2011 will include (but is not limited to): The launch of our official website, a return to the studio, and as many collaborations as can be had in name of Jesus!


We are looking forward to this new year in praise through Catholic Metal. Cradle Catholic praises him LOUDLY!


Gloria In Excelsis Deo,

Mike Brumley


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  1. Dave

    Mike….I know I don’t have to tell you this…. BUT YOU RAAWWWK!!!

    I’m looking forward to anything that Cradle Catholic puts out……I had some of the students in my

    band class listen to some of the offerings of CatholicMetal….and they loved what they heard.  One of their

    comments was centered around how they felt bad about listening to metal and some of the typical bad

    associations that come with the genre….but to use this beautiful gift as a way of praising God in prayer…

    of commenting on the crap in our world and using prayer or the teachings of our Holy Church to help us

    find the hope that comes only through Christ…….this is truly a gift that we as a community can  share.

    There was a reference to John the Baptist in our priest’s homily this weekend….”Less of me…more of You.”

    Let’s make 2011 the year of more of God in all that we do as we strive on to praise His name through the

    musical gifts of our community!!


    Rawk on!!  Pray the rosary everyday and be a warrior for Christ!!!


    Yours In Christ,


    1. Profile photo of Cradle Catholic Post
      Cradle Catholic

      I appreciate all the kind words, and I am SOO stoked that the kids are digging what’s going down here! Like the Priests say, “In GOD’S name we pray.” We are praying too, just like everybody else. This is all so awesome. We owe it all to Him.

      Gloria In Excelsis Deo!

      1. johnb111

        Hi Mike i just joined my name is John Shinon i am bass player of band    A Fish of Faith   thanks for comment too again in my space this site is cool i hope  to have friendship with catholics musicians all around the world bye!

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