Catholic Metal Manifesto – A Faith-filled Concept

Manifesto – a written statement of the beliefs of an organization (Cambridge Dictionary)

I hope that this does not sound pompous or condescending – but these ideas have been percolating in my brain for about 5 – 6 years.  In the Catholic Metal world, I have had a variety of experiences and I have met many amazing Catholics- and what I am about to propose also comes from these experiences.  Let’s start with a very brief history lesson….

In the mid-late 70s the original punk movement sprang out in England – it was a reaction to society – in England – it was a reaction to the socio-political climate that was tightly controlled by the government.  Punks were against the country’s norms – this was demonstrated in everything from their music to their external appearances to their unique brand of politics. 

As someone who grew up in this period – if you were into punk rock or metal in the late 70s or early 80s – it meant that you were on the fringe of society.  Threats abounded and other acts of violence because we were different and seemed to be against what society felt was “normal.” Sometimes I can’t believe that punk and metal have survived over the years – it did seem that the odds were against survival with the musical trends of the late 80s and early to mid-90s.

Well what do we have today? Despite some of the good actions and beauty in our world – we do have our share of problems.  We have a society where the definition of marriage is in jeopardy, were thousands of babies are aborted daily, – a society where premarital sexual activities are a “normal” part of growing up – and a barrage of other lies and evil suggestions. 

So, if you agree with me that “punk” means going against society – what does that mean in 2010/2011? Here lies the skeleton of this manifesto – at this time – the greatest “punk” or “metal” evolution/revolution IS TO BE A CATHOLIC WARRIOR!

Our church’s teachings are against the norms of our society!  How do you be a part of this revolution?? Follow the doctrine of Christ’s Holy Catholic church – attend mass as often as you can, pray the rosary or learn how to do it, indulge in the sacraments, pray, pray, PRAY! Share your faith with people who need it or ask for it.  Stick up for your faith! There are many excellent priests and other holy men and women that need our prayer and support.  If someone cracks a joke about our faith or our priests either walk away or stop the joke-teller in their tracks!!

In my travels throughout North America, I’ve discovered that there is a necessity for us not to be ashamed of who we are and that we need to be more active in our daily practise as Catholics. 

This manifesto is not written to tell you what to do or to be preachy – sorry if I come off that way.  I wanted to share this idea with those interested in building a Catholic metal community so that an intelligent discussion could be developed.  What do you think?


Yours in Christ,


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    Dave, your post reminded me of this section from the Catechism:

    2725 Prayer is both a gift of grace and a determined response on our part. It always presupposes effort. The great figures of prayer of the Old Covenant before Christ, as well as the Mother of God, the saints, and he himself, all teach us this: prayer is a battle. Against whom? Against ourselves and against the wiles of the tempter who does all he can to turn man away from prayer, away from union with God. We pray as we live, because we live as we pray. If we do not want to act habitually according to the Spirit of Christ, neither can we pray habitually in his name. The “spiritual battle” of the Christian’s new life is inseparable from the battle of prayer.

    The genre of metal is known, for better or for worse, for being about rebellion, aggression, the struggles about life and death, and complaints against corruption in civil authorities.  And also there is the ever present associations with the occult, Satanism and the like. 

    As a Catholic musician who writes heavy metal music, I like to think of the act of writing and performing this music as an act of spiritual warfare.  It is easy enough to find metal that glorifies evil.  But where is metal that exalts that which is TRUE and SACRED? Where is the metal that praises the one and only Triune God before which every knee must bend? 

    Let us all realize how serious this battle is, and the need for more soldiers to offer their weapons in the fight.  And the most intense battle will be the ones with ourselves, against sin.

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    That is why I think its important that if people haven’t considered such an action that they break through their own “wall of glass” (sorry Ersolung – LOL)  and take action by re-claiming their faith through daily action.  A lot of the younger people I’ve met in my travels are sometimes ashamed of their faith and it holds back their expression,,,, some are actually “afraid” to pray or express their faith – that is why I wanted to share my thoughts – the manifesto I created was to inspire people to take on the armour of the Holy Spirit.  The battle – as you said in your comment is “serious” – it is more serious than it has ever been.  I hope that this website can help recruit more like-minded people and use the power of heavier music and let the Holy Spirit use all of us as warriors in this battle.  Ten years ago, I would  have thought this to be nonsense – but after losing my parents to cancer over a very short period of time, surviving a near total brain anyurism, learning to fight against my body to recover, being involved in Catholic rock music and being blessed with meeting some of the best musicians/Catholics I have ever met – this has totally changed my perspective on life.  I know this to be true due to my experiences – we are all called to serve and we have to do more than just attend mass on Sunday – mass on Sunday is great – but we need to do more and we have the inspiration (e.g. John Paul II, Pope Benedict and others) but we need to pick up our cross and be ready to do battle with prayer and saintly actions. 


    Thanks for your comment – I really value what you wrote and you have also taught me something new today about my faith!



    1. vigilance-saints-arise

      “Born of the Dawn and the Death of the Snake”

      The Garden of Eden is the first image of the devil snake. Satan is cursed and eating the dust of the Earth.

      Mary Mother of God, she is the “New Eve.” Eve fell, “Mary never fell” into sin. Look up her “Immaculate Conception.”

      Satan will never see a Beautiful thing again!

      Mary Mother of God, crushed the snake with a “cursed apple” in it’s mouth. Thus, the serpent cannot die. It is a fallen angel. 

      Satan and the demons will never see the Beauty of God again. Darkness and Hell are it’s native land.                                                 

      As for the “Holy Angels of God!” We all have our Loving Guardian Angels since Our Birth. “We live in the Light”

      Look up “The Story of “Fatima” an approved Catholic Church “Apparition of Mary the Mother of Jesus.”


      Without sin there is no death. The Virgin Mary, full of Grace, could have walked the Earth forever. She has Visitations

      with her Children and Saints. Therefore, the “Assumption” of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s “Glorified Body and Soul” into Heaven!

      Behold, even as Our Lord Christ Jesus, and His “Ressurection” of Body and Soul into Heaven.

      Behold, The God Man Jesus is born “True God and True Man,”

      and Behold, God’s Perfect Woman, Mary the Mother of Christ, holding the “Baby Jesus” near her “Immaculate Heart.”

      “Merry Christmas!”

      All Holy  Men and Woman will follow their examples.

      Does the Holy Child of God reflect the Living Saints?  Yes, We believe we will never will be damned!

      Giving up on your “Salvation” would be the sin of “despair.”

      We are the Holy Men and Women of  God, We are the Saints!                                                                                                                         Mother Angelica of  and We should all watch “The Eternal Word Television Network” daily.

      She said “We have all been called to become Great Saints. Don’t pass up the opportunity!”

      V.S.A. “Your Works will be built on Straw, Dirt, of Steel.” Do what you can with “Catholic Metal Music”

      Franciscan Brother, and Music Minister Greg Edwards

      1. vigilance-saints-arise

        “God with Us”


        The Earth from the alpha centory galaxy looks like a small dot of light in the sky. Yet this planet Earth is filled with Life,

        Fruit trees and vegetables with their seeds within them. Insects, animals, birds, and fish being fruitful and multiplying all over the world

        in ubundant kinds and a variety of species. Rain forests, and Alaskan snow. The Ocean life and it’s beaches, the sands of the

        deserts can bring death.

        What does a Leopard, a Dolphin, and a Dragon Fly have in common? Eyes, ears, nose, and throat.



        Is our Earth as small as an atom?  Or as big as the expanding universe? You and I when concieved, were of the Microscopic

        egg and sperm of our parents. A totally new human being in the mix of our family tree. You can throw paint at a canvas for a

        million years and you will not get a portrait of your Mother. She is a direct, deliberate, creative act. I wish they would stop

        comparing men and women to chimpanzees. Give a chimp a million years and see what it becomes. The Blessed Mother of Christ did not come from a damn howling ape. Remember she is called the Mother of God in Christ. The Highest Honor of our race. 

        Give the Blessed Virgin Mary a billion years and see what she becomes. Christ in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary is the center of the Universe. All things were created by God for and in Christ and His human family. We are here in the Love of God in Christ.           

        Adam and Eve it was said, were more advanced and gifted than we are now. Things have been going down ever since the fall of man.

        Jesus, Mary, Joseph, we love you. Save Souls!  We Give Christ at Christmas an Eternity of Love with our Human Family.


        A gate at a Monestary reads “God Alone” An old Priest said “You have the Mind of Christ” Note the Bible is ancient history.

        Adam and Eve were the first human beings on Earth. They were created in the image and likness of God, with all of their powers of

        mind and perception intact. There is a satan and there are demons. Original sin is our history. Jesus of Nazareth is our God Man

        in the second person of the Holy Trinity. Jesus said “I AM in the Father, the Father is in Me, I AM in You, and I and my Father are One”


        Proof of the existance of God by motion: Your heart is beating, the Sun Light is shining, the buildings of our world are

        falling apart like sand. Motion is an aspect of God, there was never compleate stillness. Just as Something came first.

        There is no sutch thing as nothing. The moment a tiny partical of something enters the picture, there is a universal something.

        This means that God is every where. The First Necessary Cause that was caused by no other. In our world one thing is caused

        by another, a golden rule of physics. Man created the arts: reading and writing, painting and sculpture, architecture and furniture, Theater and television.

        Math and computer science, atomic physics and medical science are here also. We want to go to outer space with astro physics.

        Givin time, and if war does not destroy our beautiful world, we can do all things with God who strengthens us.


        Exploring God as a Personel Savior and His Catholic Bible and Catholic Catechism is the art of arts. Note the lives of the Saints.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 God gives us all good things in Time or in Eternity.

        1. vigilance-saints-arise

          “Seeds of Contemplation”


          The Sower went out to sow his Seeds. If you burry an Apple will it take root?

          Or out of a hundred Seeds only one will take root. You are the Apple of my Eye

           that I may see. There is a time to Sow, and a time to Reap your Bountiful Harvest!

           Even the tinyest of Seeds can grow for a thousand years, spreading it’s roots

          and Seeds across the land. A land flowing with Milk and Honey. Each Seed bearing Fruit with it’s

          Seeds within it. Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin pie, whoever is ready for the Harvest

           hollar I! Sow the Plants of Eden, a Garden of Life! Till the devil tempted Eve, and Adam

           believed that lie. Behold, the Tree of Life! You will grow Wheat by the sweat of your brow. 

          Beware, thorns and thistles. Yes, but look at God’s Love for our Fruit Trees. An Apple a day… From

           your Tree now recieve! I use to pass up the Fruits Isle. Yet, now I greatfully recieve the Fruits of the

          Earth and their many kinds of Seeds. Twenty dollars, and you eat eight diferent types of Fruit.  

          Recieve Ice Cold Drinks of Juice forever more. A Paradise of delight! The Seed fell on Good Ground 

          and brought forth Fruit… That Tree will last your life time. A Harvest of God many times over!

          Thank God for the Seeds and their Mysterious Life within.

          You can grow a Garden today. It’s time for you to begin.

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