Alleluia!! He has risen!

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Happy Easter to everyone in the Catholic Metal community!!

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter weekend and had the time to celebrate – but to also reflect on how much Jesus loved us and showed us the ultimate example of sacrifice. We have been rather quiet over the past two months or so – recording and family commitments have been taking up a lot of time. With a short break coming up in early May, I’m hoping we can have more posts here on the website and on the various social media that we use. Again, if there is a social media website that we would benefit from – please let me know asap!!

We are currently at over 3 million plays worldwide!! The reception of PHL3 has been awesome. I’ve also had some new members of our community ask about PHL4 already! And, yes – as long as we see a collective need or relevance – we will probably have a call for music for PHL4 sometime in late August/early September 2014. That however, is a bit of a long way off – but those of you who are the real “type A” personalities will probably want to start early! LOL!!

We also have not had an album review in some time. At the start of our online community, we had several reviews and (as far as I know) the community enjoyed hearing the music with added insight to what went into recording the music. Our last review was Theandric’s “The Door of Faith.” Paul and I did the interview over Skype and the full interview was edited into digestible chunks. Paul was fun to interview and I’m so thankful for his insights in terms of the album but the remarkable gift of faith that he is able to share with all of us.

I would like to do more interviews of this nature over the next month or two. If you have Skype and are interested, please let me know. The interview could also revolve around an older recording. If you don’t have Skype, it’s easy to download and easy to use. Paul and I used microphones for the interview since I didn’t have a camera on my computer at the time and the whole idea of an audio format doesn’t really require a camera. If you are interested in this, please email me at and I will send you the questions ahead of time. The questions are a nice blend of discussing recording techniques, the source for your music/lyrics/songs, reflection on the role of faith in terms of the song-writing process as well as delving into the topic of what the future might hold for you/your band in terms of your overall mission. The questions are all rather safe and hopefully not too threatening. If there is a question that you are not happy with….we’ll just skip it!! This is a great chance for any of our Catholic Metal musicians to get their thought/music out. The interview recordings will be here in the interview format, but also available on our Soundcloud site. I think Paul and I spent maybe about an hour for the interview. Please be reassured that there is no time limit and it can be rather schedule friendly!

Anyhow, please keep the word alive on your social media sites, please encourage your contacts to listen to any of our community’s music and please continue to pray for our collective mission as we endeavour to bring the word of our Risen Saviour Jesus Christ to the internet and beyond!!

Yours In Christ!!



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