A minor blip but here we go!

Hi everyone!

Sorry about the wait!  We meant to have more fanfare with the emergence of this website – but you know the expression… the best laid plans of mice and men are often wrecked asunder!


There has been a lot happening over the past month – both professionally and personally – I had a potential major health issue that was laid to rest as a minor one.  I had an eye problem that could have been something terminal but it has now been ruled as something benign and I might have to go to an eye surgeon in the new year to get it looked at. It has made reading and all the activities to do with reading rather uncomfortable – but hey!  It can’t keep me down!!


Please find three new reviews – each one of these bands are great examples of Catholic Metal and are extremely diverse in their styles.  Erlosung is black metal at its best – in praise of God.  Seven Sorrows are an amazing raw punk/metal act and Theandric will have you banging your head with 80’s metal madness in no time.  Yes, these styles and bands are diverse – but their reason for being makes them unified – these acts all praise God and hold up the flag for Christ’s Catholic Church.


For those who have come to the sight for the past month and have been a bit disappointed – be disappointed not further!!  Updates will be put up on a weekly basis and there will be more blogs and reviews.  We are currently working on reviews of Last Rites last album and a series of demos from Divine Blood.  And as always, we are continually looking for great Catholic Metal music.  If you know of a band that should be included – please send them a link to this site and have them fill out our review page.   We need to grow as a community and it would be great to eventually make a forum or have a section of this site to make music available for people (whether free or otherwise).


Catholic Metal T-shirts have been made and are available.  More information will be sent about this in my next blog as well as how CatholicMetal.com had its presence felt at the UCMVA  Awards show in Calgary this past August.  The UCMVA  (United Catholic Music and Video Awards) is an organization that I have been involved in for the past 4 years or so.  I have been a presenter and as of this August, I have also performed at the awards show.  Some of my songs have been nominated for awards as well – but the real reason I am in the UCMVA is for the networking.  I have a dream – wouldn’t it be great to get some of our Catholic Metal bretheren involved and nominated???  I’m working on that right now – next year the UCMVA show is in San Antonio, Texas.  I’ll have more details about this towards Christmas – and it will definitely be a subject matter of several blogs over the next couple of months.


More photos and other information along with an official Facebook page will be coming in the next week or two. If you have  photos you would like to submit to have them put on our random picture generator – please submit them to me at dave@catholicmetal.com and we will get them up asap.


Again – thanks for your patience!  This website will be updated weekly and more reviews will be coming – please send the word out about this site and let’s build!!


Yours In Christ,


dave flitton


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